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What happens when we die?  It is one of man’s most enduring question. Artifacts depicting an afterlife can be found at ritual burial sites around the world dating back tens of thousands of years.  We see it etched and painted on rocks and cave walls and within the tombs of the Egyptian Pharos.  And it is inscribed within the pages of religious texts, of all traditions, being read around the world today.


What if the question of the existence of life after life could now be answered with certainty?  What if we now know what it looks?  What it feels like?  A closer look into what is known as the Near Death Experience is now giving us just this opportunity.   watch the video to learn more

Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come.

Rabindranath Tagore

According to Pew Research, 72% of all Americans and 85% of Christians believe in heaven and an afterlife.  Yet a much smaller percentage believe in the near-death-experience. How do we reconcile this? The logical explanation is the former do not believe a person can experience “heaven” and return to tell the tale.  And since they have not been there themselves, their belief is a product of faith.

Faith is hard work.  And it is often harder to keep.  Yet for those who have had an NDE, faith is no longer necessary - for them, it is fact.  They know there is an afterlife because, as they will tell you, they have had first-hand experience in that realm.  Many return telling of meeting a spiritual being - some say they encountered Jesus, some God and some a pure loving entity. Ninety-nine percent say they no longer have any fear of death. Ninety-six percent tell us that what they experienced was more “real than real”.  And no one will ever convince them otherwise.   read more


nde testimonials

We have curated a video collection of talks and interviews given by those who have had notable near death experiences. Pay particular attention to those who have had a corroborated out-of-body experience - the most irrefutable proof of an NDE. 

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nde research

The quantity, quality, consistency and corroboration of data collected and the research undertaken over the past 50 years points to a realm of existence that can no longer be ignored.  Nor can it be explained as mere chance. View researchers compelling evidence.                  view here


nde science

This fascinating collection of talks and interviews explores our understanding of consciousness from within the realm of quantum mechanics. Pay particular attention to the subject of non-local consciousness.

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A near-death-experience can occur under                              On this site we focus on NDEs which occurred during cardiac arrest which most resembles actual death. We pay particular attention to those who have also had a verified out-of-body experience - the most definitive proof of an NDE.

Such states include cardiac arrest (clinical death), shock after loss of blood, coma due to traumatic brain injury or intra-cerebral hemorrhage, and drowning.

a number of conditions.


Crossover Experience - Life After Death / A New Perspective

While it might appear to be a bold statement, it is reasonable to conclude that all of the major components that occur during a Near-Death Experience have already been revealed; from the initial out-of-body experience - to the NDEr being told “It is not your time. You must go back.” Most who have had an NDE describe this otherworldly realm as heaven. And heaven, if it is real, would not likely change over time. So, is there more to learn about this phenomenon? That is the unique focus of Crossover Experience. 

Having carefully researched thousands of the most exceptional Near-Death Experiences recorded, it is evident that if we shift our focus and train our minds-eye on the nuance - the fine details that do not stand out from those "main events," we find there is a treasure-trove of qualities that reveal more of the contours, depth and messaging within a Near-Death Experience. So, join us as we take you on a wondrous journey through this mysterious realm in search of a deeper, more expansive understanding of what the NDE is trying to communicate to us all. 

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Two powerful documentaries  produced by  Antonio Lembo.

Watch them here or visit his Youtube Channel .