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At NDE-Central, we endeavor to provide a destination where you will find helpful on-site resources, as well as links pointing you towards a diverse and comprehensive collection of NDE research and testimonials from the most trusted sources we have found.  Good luck on your journey of discovery.

Be sure to visit the NDE-Central Youtube Channel for a wide range of content on the Near-Death phenomenon including powerful testimonials and research.


dj kadagian

DJ Kadagian is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author, and quantum economist. His films have aired on PBS, Gaia TV, the Discovery Channel, and Hallmark, as well as being featured at over 120 film festivals around the world. In his works, he has collaborated with some of the country’s top philosophers, academics, activists, poets, researchers, and

theologians. His thought-provoking works have focused on socioeconomic issues, race relations, religion & spirituality, and alternative healing. DJ is also a hedge fund manager whose focus is within the discipline of technical analysis and quantum economics.  He develops proprietary, non-linear, quant-based investment strategies. He is a graduate of Cornell University and is a member of The Directors Guild of America and the Authors Guild of America.


deborah kadagian

Deborah is a psychotherapist who specializes in dual diagnosis, utilizing a holistic approach to healing. through tried and true therapeutic techniques, including DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), person-centeredapproach, psychedelic integration, spiritual psychology and the ancient science of Ayurveda, Debbie specializes in

addiction, anxiety, mood disorders, depression, spiritual emergence(y), and borderline personality disorder. She received her LCSW, and HHC from Fordham University and is a  contributor to psychology and spiritual magazines.

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