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My initial interest in the near death experience began 25 years ago when I came across Raymond Moody’s ground breaking work. I spent some time familiarizing myself with the subject, at a time I was studying the subject of death - from the Tibetan Book of the Dead through the psychedelic experience and most everything in between. However, I ran into two roadblocks that kept me from digging further into the NDE.  One was not being able to find enough fact driven data to work with that could satisfy the skeptic in me. And the other, not enough faith that I could overcome my belief that if something appears to be “too good to be true”, it usually is.


As someone who operates in the world of quantum economics, developing computer based trading programs, I am forever monitoring the financial markets looking for patterns or a “wrinkle” that others do not see which may give me an advantage over my competition.  I cannot afford to rely on faith.  And fact, as I have come to learn, is in the eye of the beholder.

Thirty years engaged in this work has tuned me to recognize anomalies, and I may see them anywhere. Some are interesting. Some are useful. And some are truly profound. With the vast amounts of data and testimonials now available to analyze, I have come to believe that the NDE is the mother of all wrinkles in a universe that is teaming with them.

I am certainly not the only person who has recognized this.  Nor have I experienced an NDE myself. Yet  as a highly trained skeptic with a knack for identifying those wrinkles, crunching vast amounts of data in unorthodox ways and connecting the many dots that reveal themselves, I believe my-arms length approach to the NDE has been an advantage.  It has enabled me to take a dispassionate and unbiased approach in focusing my very particular skillset on the phenomena; from analyzing the research, gaining a cursory understanding of the relevant quantum science and, most importantly, immersing myself in thousands of testimonials, and analyzing the statistical significance of their shared experiences.

This process has enabled the skeptic in me to sift out a micro and macro roadmap that has lead to a conclusion I have a high degree of confidence in.  And it has taught me that fact and faith are not mutually exclusive - a quality particularly relevant to the near death phenomenon which has a mountain of subjective, objective and retrospective evidence. Once measured, it is hard to argue with and harder still to ignore.  This characteristic is further strengthened by the fact that no skeptic of the NDE, in my research, has advanced any large sample size, statistically significant  studies of their own in the over 50 years it has been studied.  And most revealing - none of these skeptics have experienced an NDE themselves.   

The phenomena of the near death experience, relative to its implications, has barely scratched the surface of our collective consciousness. Yet, if you’ve read this far, it has scratched yours. I encourage you to do your own homework. There is a great deal of research now available - much organized on this site.  As you begin your journey of discovery - whichever conclusion it may lead you to, I recommend you first watch among the thousands of video testimonials from around the world - some of which you will find here. 


Why? Because It is the near death experiencer’s absolute certainty that what they experienced was “more real than real”, that will leave a lasting impression on you. You will see it in the expression on their face. Hear it in the inflection in their voice. Be struck by the consistency of their experiences across race, gender, religious belief and culture.  And you will come to understand and appreciate the underlying purpose of their sharing their very personal story.  A gift to all of us.

D J Kadagian


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